Not "Business as usual" anymore!

Information overloaded consumers.

Fractured media & overloaded consumers has given rise to a new business model! Those that don't embrace this, will be left behind..
   Your business is under threat..

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This is an action seminar, not another pep talk, or how to use Facebook! We show you why it works and how to do it! There's no dvd's or coaching courses to buy either..

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Three things are going to happen.

1. You will discover how you can grow your business at warp speed, for a fraction of traditional costs.
2. How to start a disruptive one.
3. How to stop yours from getting raided!

100 Perth tickets only

Think your business is safe?

One man band or multi national.. You can keep trading hours for dollars, until the competition overwhelms you.. or embrace
this new model and make some serious money.. (No, this is not crypo stuff!)

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Age of Invasion

1. Your industry is under attack. The age of disruption is also the age of invasion.
2. Your competitors can now pick off your clients, one.. or many at a time. We will show you how easy it is!

100 Perth tickets only

Those that grasp this will make a lot of money.

"I will show you how you can take a 'on the street' accountant to a Major Australia wide brand.. in less that 12 months.. powered by Google.. for free!"

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become a major brand [In 6-12 months! ~ Courtesy Google :) ]

Those that grasp this, stand to make a lot of money!

We will show you how you can take an 'on the street accountant' to a nation wide brand within 9-12 months.. powered by Google.. for free!
1. This is totally legal and ethical. Google will power this for you .. for free.. Yes! ~ Really!
2. Seriously, I'm expecting a stampede for the door after this.

This came out of a conversation with a Director of RSM accountants. He sat there with his mouth open as I told him.. "You.. you can do this?" he asked.. "Yes we can" I said. I will show you the conversation and how you can profit greatly from this! ~ Seriously, You have never seen anything like this before. This will change the future of accounting and many other industries who embrace this.

MENTAL energy

is the new consumer currency, the less they have to spend,
the more likely they are to buy!" John

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    We know what Google is working on - We have their video about it! It will turn search as we know it, upside down.. Book now

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